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Student Apartments Thessaloniki

Apartments in Thessaloniki

The apartments are in Thessaloniki near the Turkish Consulate of Thessaloniki, also Ano Poli is very close.

The area has very good public transport that connects the whole urban area of Thessaloniki and from there you can go wherever you want through the OASTH.

The airport is 15.9 km away and the ring road is close by at 17.8 km.

Thessaloniki Train Station is 3 km away.

While the Thessaloniki bus station is at 5,4 km. 

Student Apartments

We are by your side from the beginning of your student years until you finish them. Whatever issue arises we want to help you and make you feel safe. 

Good maintenance of Student Apartments

We proactively maintain the apartments in Thessaloniki and the building in order to reduce to the maximum possible the wear and tear and a damage that may inconvenience you during your stay.


All doors are armoured. We also have a security door on the outer door of the buildings. Finally we have closed circuit cameras on the exterior of the buildings which act as a deterrent to theft or other malicious acts.

Get to know the city of Thessaloniki

We give you general information on how to get to know the city better and as a new student learn about its most historical and interesting places.

The visual composition by George Zongolopoulos was erected on Nea Paralia in 1997, the year Thessaloniki was named European Capital of Culture and remains one of the city's most recognizable monuments.

The most emblematic square of the city - and the centre of its life. Comfortable, magnificent, surrounded by beautiful historic buildings, it unites the past with the present.

Not only is it worth a visit to its interiors, which are now a museum, not only is the view from the top wonderful, but the walk around it, in the company of couples, children playing and itinerant artists, is relaxing.

The famous covered market of Thessaloniki is almost intertwined with the city itself and we don't skip a pass for shopping or for a stroll.

A walk in Ano Polis is a trip back in time and the images it offers you are truly unique. One of our favorite experiences is hanging out at the castles overlooking the city and the sun setting velvety.

It has 3.5 kilometres of developed and regenerated seafront, the largest in Greece, which essentially starts from the White Tower and ends at the Concert Hall. This area is a destination for walkers who want to enjoy the sun, sea and sky of Thessaloniki, but also for those who want to run or cycle in the city centre. Along Nea Paralia you will find several things that need attention, as well as many green spaces.

Ladadika is one of the hottest spots in the city in terms of entertainment, with the student community of the city giving a thunderous presence every day! They are essentially a mixture of the old and the new, of tradition and the present.

The Student Buildings

Olympiades 110,Thessaloniki Center,54634